AL East

Just a reminder that all five of the teams in the American League East have positive run differentials.  That’s one of many reasons why it’s insane that ESPN has Toronto and Boston ranked 15 and 17 in their power rankings.







I like my rankings or these rankings much better because it appears that some actual thought was put into them beyond just “put the team with the most wins at the top”.  Do you really think the Pirates are better than the Red Sox?



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  1. The Pirates may not be better than the Red Sox, but they’ve been playing better baseball lately.

    • I think it only looks like the Pirates are playing better. Everyone looks better playing in the NL Central. The Red Sox run differential is +29 in the unquestionably most difficult division in baseball while the Pirates have a run differential of -17 in the NL Central. The Pirates are exactly 0-3 against the AL East after recently getting swept by the Baltimore Orioles in a series where they were outscored 27-13. So I guess I respectfully disagree with you.

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