A comment on the LA Dodgers from May

Here is what I said about the LA Dodgers on May 28, 2012:

Some comments: ESPN ranking the Dodgers number 1 is an absolute joke.  Yeah, they have the best record in baseball, but they also have the weakest schedule in baseball.  38 of their 47 games so far, almost 81%, have been against teams with a losing record.  That is astonishing.  Ranking the Dodgers number 1 is just one more reason why I don’t trust the “experts” at ESPN.

The Dodgers built the best record in baseball over the first part of the season by playing teams like Colorado and San Diego.  They are currently 1-11 in their last 12 games in series against Oakland, LA Angels, San Francisco, and NY Mets.  I guess it’s a lot harder to win when you not playing teams that are absolutely terrible.



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  1. isomorphismes

    So I guess you would really want some kind of SVD-like matrix-reductive ranking of teams, right? like PageRank.

  2. It seems like the Dodgers have been lucky having such a weak schedule. Good for them.

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