NFL Playoff Predictions After Week 1

If other sites get to do an Absurdly Premature Playoff Picture, then so do I. Here are my projected playoff seeds after week 1.  (You can see my projected playoff teams prior to the start of the season here.)

1 New England Green Bay
2 Baltimore Philadelphia
3 Jacksonville Atlanta
4 San Diego San Francisco
5 New York Jets Chicago
 6 Pittsburgh Washington

I’m keeping new England as my one seed in the AFC and I’ve moved Baltimore from a wild card team to a division winner at the 2 seed.  I’m replacing Indianapolis with Jacksonville out of the AFC South and San Diego replaces Kansas City out of the AFC West.  I’ve also bumped the Jets up to 5 from 6 and dropped Pittsburgh to the final wild card spot.

In the NFC, I dropped Atlanta from the 1 seed to the 3 seed and moved Philadelphia up to 2.  I’ve flipped division winners in the NFC North with Green Bay now being my pick out of that division earning a number 1 seed.  Chicago is now project to the the 5 seed and San Francisco limps into the playoffs rather than Seattle out of the NFC West.

An finally, my boldest prediction to date, yes, you did read that correctly: Washington.  Why not?  There next 10 opponents are Arizona, Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Carolina, Buffalo, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Seattle.  Assume they won’t beat Philadelphia.  That leaves 9 games where they have a legitimate chance to win.  Through there first 11 games at something like 8-3 (which isn’t totally crazy (right?)),  they would probably only need to close the season out by winning 2 of their final five games, which are not exactly easy games, against Jew York Jets, New England, New York Giants, Minnesota, and Philadelphia.



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