NFL Playoff Projections After Week 6

Last week’s rankings and playoff projections.

The only change in the AFC is that Jets are projected to be back in and Buffalo is out after one week as the projected 6 seed.

Green Bay is still the projected 1 seed as they have been since after week 1;  Detroit has been the projected 5 seed since after week 2.  San Francisco moves up to the 2 seed with their win over the Lions and the NFC South teams Tampa Bay and New Orleans swap as projected division winners for the fourth week in a row, with Tampa Bay projected at 3 and New Orleans projected at 6.  Washington falls out of the playoffs and the Giants are projected to get in as the 4 seed.

1 New England Green Bay
2 Baltimore San Francisco
3 San Diego Tampa Bay
4 Tennessee NY Giants
5 Pittsburgh Detroit
 6 NY Jets New Orleans


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