2011 NFL Chernoff Faces

At the end of the 2010 NFL football season I did some Chernoff faces for the teams’ final statistics here.

Here are similar Chernoff faces for the 2011 season through week 6. (And here are my rankings through week 6.)

Offensive yardage affects the size and shape of the face and defensive yardage affect the size and shape of the hair. The number of wins a team has affects the size of the mouth and whether or not the mouth is smiling. The eyes represent penalties, the nose is defensive sacks, and the ears are defensive forced turnovers. The ideal face is found in the lower right corner of the graph.

Two quick comments:
-Oakland has a penalty problem.
-Carolina seems out of place on the graph. The Carolina face is very similar to the New Orleans face; the difference appears to be the eyes (penalties) and the nose (sacks).



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