NFL Conference Championship Games

I didn’t post picks form last weekend, but I would have chosen New England, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Green Bay for a record of 2-2 this past week.

-I’m going to quote myself and re-post this point (from here) because it seems very relevant:

“Last year there were 2 teams that averaged over 23 points on offense and under 18 points on defense.  They were the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers who ultimately met in the Super Bowl.  This year there are three teams that meet this criteria: San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, and Houston Texans.  So, I guess I’m taking the 49ers over the Ravens in the Super Bowl.”

Of course, based on my rankings, right now, I’m picking San Francisco over New England in the Super Bowl.

-My super bowl picks based on my rankings at the beginning of the season was New England over Atlanta.  And my pick based on my “gut” was Tampa Bay over Baltimore.

Record: 4-4

✓=Correct Pick; =Incorrect Pick

Round Teams Predicted Winner Outcome

Con NYG at SF San Francisco (55.1%)

Con Bal at NE New England (52.1%)

Div NYG at GB Green Bay (61.3%)

Div Hou at Bal Baltimore (54.1%)

Div NO at SF New Orleans (51.0%)

Div Den at NE New England (56.8%)

WC Cin at Hou Houston (51.3%)

WC Det at NO New Orleans (57.9%)

WC Atl at NYG Atlanta (55.2%)

WC Pit at Den Pittsburgh (65.6%)


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