Paul Konerko

I jsut read this article (Paul Konerko Is An MVP Candidate, And Possibly Psychic) on Deadpsin.  Paul Konerko is having a very good year so far.  So good that he showed up at number 1 in my rankings.  At first, I thought this must be a mistake.  How could he be ahead of Josh Hamilton who has approximately 5000 HR already.  So naturally I thought I made a mistake in my code or I wasn’t running enough simulations.  So I ran more simulations and checked the code and……Paul Konerko was number 1.  His numbers are absolutely fantastic so far:  31R, 11HR, 33RBI.  He’s also hitting .395 with a foolish on base percentage of .471 and slugging percentage of .671.

The point is Paul Konerko at number 1 is not a mistake.


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