MLB Payroll vs Winning percentage

Dave Cameron over at FanGraphs wrote an interesting article about 2012 payroll and wins.  In it, he used a scatterplot, which I assume was made with excel.  I’d like to try to persuade everyone to stop making graphics in excel.  I’m probably a little bit biased, but R with the ggplot2 package is much, much better.  (And it’s easy!) I present to you below, my entire argument for why R with ggplot2 is better than excel:

Here is the code for making this graph



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  1. What are these arbitrary color/dollar sign schemes you are assigning?

  2. You’re right. This graph is spectacular and much better than anything in MS Excel. Looking at this now after reading your weekly rankings – I’m confounded by one thing. Can a medium payroll team still win at the rate the Nationals and Reds are winning at with a tougher schedule? Don’t get me wrong, they’re solid teams – but as your rankings show, they’ve been the beneficiary of playing some of the worst teams in baseball. How good would they be if you put them in a new division? Conversely, the Yankees and Rangers play some of the best teams on a regular basis. Part of that is the difference between National League and American league and the amount of quality teams in each league, but it’s still something to think about.

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