RIPPEN Ratings – 10/2/2012

An explanation of RIPPEN

RGIII moves into the number one spot on the year with his nearly 70% completion percentage, 8.6 Yards per attempt, and only one interception so far.  Brady, Ryan, Schaub, and Newton round out the top 5.  The bottom five are Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, Weeden, Wilson, and,in dead last, Gabbert.

Fitzpatrick is being way over-rated by passer rating because he leads the league in passing touchdowns at 12. His QB rating is being artificially inflated because he was lucky enough to have his offensive coordinator call passing plays near the end zone.  RIPPEN ignores this.  On the other send of the spectrum, a guy like Cam Newton is being under-valued by QB rating.  Sure, he’s thrown 5 interceptions so far this year, but he is also averaging 9.5 yards per attempt, which leads the league.  He’s 0.7 yards per attempt better than the second QB, Andy Dalton, who is at 8.8 yards per attempt.

So feel free to go on using QB rating and thinking Ryan Fitzpatrick is an average quarterback, but, if you prefer, you can catch a slightly better glimpse of reality by using RIPPEN.

RIPPEN rankings after four weeks of games:

Player Team RIPPEN QB rating
Griffin, III, R.  WAS 28.369 103.2
Brady, T. NE 27.833 102.4
Ryan, M. ATL 25.793 112.1
Schaub, M. HOU 25.475 105.3
Newton, C. CAR 24.292 87.5
Smith, A. SF 23.354 98.1
Manning, P. DEN 23.299 96.9
Ponder, C. MIN 22.868 97.7
Roethlisberger, B. PIT 22.691 109.2
Manning, E. NYG 22.261 94.3
Dalton, A. CIN 22.154 103.0
Flacco, J. BAL 19.096 95.8
Rivers, P. SD 18.154 91.9
Stafford, M. DET 18.099 81.6
Romo, T. DAL 17.627 78.5
Brees, D. NO 17.494 86.1
Rodgers, A. GB 17.316 95.7
Kolb, K. ARI 17.084 97.6
Locker, J. TEN 16.944 90.2
Vick, M. PHI 16.527 72.7
Bradford, S. STL 16.438 80.1
Luck, A. IND 16.418 75.4
Cutler, J. CHI 15.483 75.3
Tannehill, R. MIA 13.823 66.4
Cassel, M. KC 13.304 70.4
Palmer, C. OAK 12.946 86.0
Freeman, J. TB 12.847 75.3
Fitzpatrick, R. BUF 12.485 89.8
Sanchez, M. NYJ 11.453 69.9
Weeden, B. CLE 9.213 60.4
Wilson, R.  SEA 8.816 73.5
Gabbert, B. JAX 7.808 83.7



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