Wisconsin Badgers

Let’s get something straight right now.  Wisconsin is not a top 25 football team.  4 out of the 6 BCS computer polls have them outside of the top 25 and the other two polls have them at 24 and 16.  The clowns (meant with the utmost respect) who vote in the human polls have the Badgers ranked at 14 in both polls.  Let’s take a look at why the computers are right:

Wisconsin is 7-2 overall and 3-2 in the perennially (wildly) over-rated Big 10 (the conference with the worst division names in all of sports).  Wisconsin won its first 6 games over UNLV, Oregon State, Northern Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Indiana.  While Nebraska is a very impressive win, the 6 other teams they have beaten are currently 2-6 (MWC), 2-7 (PAC12), 6-3 (MAC), 5-4 (FCS-Great West), 1-9 (Big 10), 4-5 (Big 10).  I’m not impressed by any of those wins.  The three other games Wisconsin has played (Nebraska (7-2) , Michigan State (7-2), and Ohio State(6-3)), they have 1 win.  The W-L record of the their 7 victories is 27-36.  And if you remove Nebraska (which, as mentioned before, is actually an impressive win) there W-L for opponents in victories is 20-34.

Jeff Sagarin has Wisconsin’s strength of schedule ranked at 87.  The only BCS top 25 teams with weaker schedules that that are Houston (112), who plays in Conference USA, and Cincinnati (95) who plays in the Big “We still seriously get an automatic BCS bid?” East, (which sent a 4 loss UConn team to the Fiesta Bowl last year).  (“Most of the attention before the game focused on Oklahoma’s poor performance in past BCS games as well as Connecticut’s difficulties in selling tickets“.)

So, please Harris poll voters, I implore you to stop voting for teams like Wisconsin who don’t deserve to be in the top 25.  (And while you’re at it, stop voting for Cincinnati, too.)


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