One last post on field goals and presidential politics

I think I’ve finally finished these.  Thanks to everyone for the good suggestions.  These are based on this post yesterday.

Here are both Trump and Biden together.  The first is Trump, the second Biden.  It’s not quite symmetric, but it’s close.  For instance, Biden winning Minnesota is about a 37 yard field goal.  Trump winning Minnesota is a 57 yard field goal.  It would be kind of cool if it worked in both directions, but it doesn’t quite work, unfortunately.

If you look at a bunch of states that Trump needs to win, like Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc. they are all in the 60 (like Florida) to 70 (like Michigan) yard range.  So for Trump to win he needs to him a few 60 yard field goals in a row (granted they are correlated, so it’s a little bit easier than that).  But it’s not easy to hit a 60 yard field goal!  But it does happen!




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